We are one of the very few that own and operate our own crematory.  Loved ones entrusted to us never leave our care.  Most funeral companies advertise and offer “cremation services”.    You may be surprised to learn that very few of these companies operate the facility in which the actual cremation services are provided.  Most funeral home and cremation service companies subcontract this delicate procedure out to a multiple-user, off site industrial crematory.  Under this arrangement, the funeral home/cremation service company has little or no control over the crematory's operating procedures.

In contrast, we own and operate our crematory and operate it with our fully certified and highly trained staff.  Our clean and secure modern cremation center was built to accurately serve the cremation client.  Our crematory equipment is "State of the art" and it meets or exceeds every state and local operating requirement.

We have a strict set of operating policies and procedures.  We have developed a rigorous set of operating policies and procedures to assure your loved one is being cared for appropriately.  We adhere to a rigid pre-cremation checklist and we require two licensed/certified professionals to oversee the operation of our cremation equipment at all times.

Your personal inspection is encouraged.  Our cremation center is open for public inspection and you are invited to a personal tour.  Our cremation center was designed to accommodate the differing needs of every family we serve.  We offer well appointed and comfortable surroundings for family members desiring to be present during the cremation process, giving them complete "Peace of Mind".

Our directors have over 100 years of combined experience in funeral and cremation service.  Literally since 1977, thousands of families have entrusted these important arrangements with us.


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